“Around fifty years ago Claude Levi-Strauss suggested we should regard one of the fundamental activities of mankind -- namely the elaboration of myths -- as a particular form of bricolage. Imagine a publishing house in this way and you will find yourself immersed in a very peculiar landscape, something you might regard as a literary work in itself, belonging to a genre all its own.”                          -- Roberto Calasso, The Art of the Publisher
THE MYTH OF MOUNT ANALOGUE is a periodically-produced and sometimes-printed poem-comic. It is also the ongoing, ever-evolving mission statement of Mount Analogue. 
THE MYTH OF MOUNT ANALOGUE: PART ONE was available as a limited-edition zine at AWP 2016 in LA (Booth 1644). 
THE MYTH OF MOUNT ANALOGUE: PART TWO will be on view in the last show of our Summer Art Series, which is called "The Door to the Invisible Must Be Made Visible."