The Mount Analogue Space Residency is a month-long residency for projects: collaborative, community-based, event-based, service-based / curatorial practices, social practices / and any other projects that support and benefit other artists or ideas foremost, that are hard-to-define but essential to their communities.

This Residency is not for a single artist to make personal work. It is a residency for learning how to foster and uphold a creative physical space that is connected to a central mission. It is also a residency for artists who make social practice and community stewardship a central part of their artistic practice, and whose projects and/or work may not fit neatly into a single category.

We are so excited to welcome these amazing projects to our space in 2019:

January 2019 ~ Alexis L. Silva

February 2019 ~ Anthony White’s While Supplies Last

March 2019 ~ Patty Gone, ft. Seattle Modern Opera Co. and Pocket Object

April 2019 ~ Women.Weed.WiFi

May 2019 ~ FORGE. Art Magazine

more soon