Dear artists, community members, and friends:

We would like to publicly announce that we are withdrawing THE DOOR TO THE INVISIBLE MUST BE MADE VISIBLE from the Black Box 3.0 Festival.

This decision comes as a result of the events that took place at Art Hack Day E R A S U R E, which was the opening of Black Box and which was curated by some of the Festival's own organizers. For those of you who might not be aware, work by the only two black artists in the show, named Christopher Paul Jordan and Jaleesa Trapp, was moved without permission and was damaged in the process. For more information, see this article in The Stranger, this link, and this link.

While we are all humans and all make mistakes, it the belief of the Summer Art Series that the way we handle our mistakes is what matters. We do not think that the organizers of this event and of Black Box responded in a timely or transparent manner to the community, nor did they apologize in a productive or timely way to the artists.

We feel that this does not reflect upon our own values as curators, nor the community we work hard to build and support.

Megan and Colleen, curators and organizers of the Summer Art Series, will be attending curator dialogue sessions, communicating openly with all of our artists and community members and fellow curators, as well as focusing on increasing our diversity and widening our community on all Summer Art Series shows. Mount Analogue will also begin a publication series this November that is open to persons of color only.

We would like to move forward with positivity and transparency, and we welcome any dialogue about this situation. Email:

THE DOOR TO THE INVISIBLE MUST BE MADE VISIBLE's closing reception, which has a ton of exciting additions, and which takes place on October 8th, will be announced soon, as its own event. All are more than welcome.

Thank you for your support.

Colleen & Megan