Mount Analogue’s Art Series began in Summer 2016 with the desire to connect the literary and visual art communities in Seattle. Originally called the ‘Summer Art Series’, Mount Analogue's Art Series curates and organizes multidisciplinary and immersive art shows and readings around the greater Seattle area.

In August 2017, the Art Series will move into its permanent gallery home inside of Mount Analogue’s publication studio / small press book shop / community & gallery space, 300 S Washington St 98104.

Birthday with the Ferns, 2018, oil on canvas, 48" x 36", $4,200 (payment plan available)

Birthday with the Ferns, 2018, oil on canvas, 48" x 36", $4,200 (payment plan available)

They say I am the Corn Goddess (my heart is yellow as an ear of corn) and that I am The Virgin (the Maiden who yields to all yet is penetrated by none). I am supposedly a great caregiver, the saddest moon sign, and very sensitive. I’ve noticed people enjoy your sensitivity when you are taking care of them and in your art, but not so much in other areas. I guess I am too critical but I swore my last mushroom trip that I would be more compassionate to myself - I can see where they are coming from though – I recently saw a Fairfeld Porter painting in person and went into a pretty dark self-hating spiral because I’ll never be able to make pinks that vibrate like his. And that I get along with bulls, but I’ve spent a lot of time with them (I even see them in the rocks in the ocean) but I don’t know if we are the most compatible. I’ve heard that I’ll fuss over you if I love you and watch your caffeine intake like a hawk (if I was your girlfriend, would you let me dress you, I mean help you pick your clothes out before we go out?) I was born when the year is starting to exhale, letting go of its heat and wildfire smoke to make room for the Libra (my worry stone). My astrological sign is my mother’s last name which translates to the “floor or ground” and the figures in my paintings are all on the ground. I also sleep on the ground. Maybe I am not ready for what’s there when I stand up because the ground world is enough for me right now. I tell the ferns all this and they think it’s silly and suggest I relax, because, after all, I am just one of them. 

*quoted are Joanna Newsom, Starhawk, and Prince.


New paintings and installation by Sara Long

Dec 6 - Dec 30

Opening Reception • 12/6, 6-9pm

Artist Talk • 12/8, 1pm (hosted by Kimberly Trowbridge)

Yoga Nidra • 12/21, 6:15-7:30pm (hosted by Emily Denton)

This exhibition is a painted and written investigation of guided meditation, psychedelics, coincidences, and sun – drunk moments.

We'll be turning Mount Analogue into a place of light-worship; a space where reality shifts and we are in between worlds. We are honoring realignment, waiting, and NOT KNOWING.

The show will include a light & window installation, audio recording, new paintings, new written work, an artist talk led by Kimberly Cole Trowbridge, and a Yoga Nidra (guided meditation) session with Emily Denton.


rsvp here

Sara Long was born and raised deep in the Redwood Forest of Northern California. As a child of marijuana growers, she lived a fairly secluded life, both physically and emotionally. She learned to commune with nature making the birds, ferns, ancient trees, light, and fog her friends. Those relationships have stayed with her and she finds herself, nearly three decades later, painting those sacred bonds. How Sara displays her work is as important as the work itself, for she believes in creating special, warm, and approachable spaces for all people to interact with. In the summer of 2017, Sara had a guerrilla style painting installation at the neighborhood park centered around a weathered Cedar that had to be partially cut down due to disease. Daughters of Summer brought love and life back to the tree, musing her with paintings, flowers, and pink cloth streamers.




We will be recreating a bedroom from an original Tara Booth comic, to live amongst the wall murals that Tara will paint onto the Mount Analogue gallery walls ~ original hand painted pots and papier-mache garbage will be available for purchase


SPICY METAL II : featuring comics by Tara Booth and Neon Saltwater, co-published with Cold Cube Press






For those of us who grew up in the margins of queer identity, those of us who couldn't blend, those of us to who couldn’t acculturate to the current, we have only each other and simulations of the rituals we grew up with but are barred from participating in. We are often left seeking connection to our spirituality not through the words of scriptures used to oppress us, but through the lyrics of pop songs; through gathering in night clubs, punk houses, public beaches at dawn, back alleys and front porches. We don’t fall at the feet of statues of saints, but at the feet of the impermanent bodies of our friends and lovers.

Bound in rope and coated in a thick layer of animal fat, the body becomes a collective and temporary sculpture in service of a queer rite. The audience is invited, one at a time, to light a candle and place it on the body of the artist. What melts off during and what remains after the performance will be kept in the gallery until the end of October.

MKNZ is a tattoo and performance artists based in Seattle, WA.

Allie Huska is a suspension and rope artist based in Olympia and Seattle, WA.








Content – Aware is a collection of work by Aidan Fitzgerald, working through his ideas of Art and Content creation.

The show contains installation work, video, prints, books, drawings, and sculpture – it’s sort of like a group show, except it’s all made by one guy. The work is about art creation and the idea of putting on an art show in Mount Analogue – each piece references itself as an element of a body of work, and questions the intent of its generation and author. The show is an investigation of the separation of Art and Content, and the impossibility of the artist to fully realize their endeavors.

The majority of us interact with art and ideas through Instagram and social media – so we never actually see the work, only tiny representations of it in our hands. The internet has leveled the playing field that separated “images” from “Art”: Art on Instagram, facebook, tumblr, the New York Times, The Stranger – these are only secondary representations of the work itself. While this is no different from images in books or newspapers of the 20th century, the perpetual scroll of our content consumption has rendered the drawing, the soliloquy, the cast bronze sculpture equivalent to the dog doing a cartwheel, the weight loss before/after, the mirror selfie, the hot boy #mcm.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Art deserves to be taken down a peg – and it deserves to be accessible. If you have a smartphone, you get to look at art.

The internet has become not only a new venue for work – whether it be the collection of images that constitute your feed or an all-digital museum on second life, or simply the collection of images the All-Powerful Algorithm chooses for your google results – but also a medium for new work – memes, oblique alt poetry, webcomics, online publishing, or Newhive, to name a few. But what happens to actual, hold-it-in-your-hands, physical work? Painting, poetry, and the novel have been “dying” for hundreds of years now, not to mention the death knells for photography sounded by Teju Cole, and previously, Susan Sontag. And yet all this physical stuff is still out here. What does this work look like in a gallery, when it knows it’s on the way out? What does art look like when it doesn’t know what it wants to be, and knows that at the end of the day it’s just content to be tapped and scrolled past? What is the work made by an artist who has no idea how to make work anymore?




Work Day is uninterrupted 8 hour video of the Artist scrolling through content on his phone. Work Day is live streaming right now: HERE

Three Shows at Mount Analogue are diagrams of hypothetical art shows to be held at Mount Analogue, complete with reviews and expected reactions, as well as foreseen logistical setbacks and projected budgets.

This Room is Slowly Melting is an ice sculpture of the volume contained in Mount Analogue. Three pedestal fans, representing the three muses, slowly oscillate and blow the cool air generated by the space’s destruction. The piece is a 3D extension of the hypothetical shows in the drawings mentioned above – except in this case the piece is about the destruction of a gallery / art by way of its presentation. A real dumbed-down teleological thought experiment. The piece is intended to melt, and it can only be seen on opening night, and if you aren’t there to witness this content, then that’s too bad. Also – it will cool down the gallery, which is nice.

Work/Life Balance is a sculpture, wherein a cinderblock is placed on top of a stack of paper, which is on top of a white plinth. The plinth and stack of paper are the same dimensions as the cinderblock. The paper is printed with a fluorescent pink border, and on the pages, in size 11 Helvetica, are the words “WORK” and “LIFE,” in opposing orientation. The piece basically sums up how the artist feel about printing + book-making - its life but its work and man is it fucking heavy and annoying sometimes.

PURE / CONTENT is a mirror for you to take a selfie in. Indulge yourself!

Four Photographs of Destroyed Paintings are photographs of paintings, printed on canvas and stretched on a frame. After photographing the paintings with his phone, the artist will paint over them, or destroy them in some other manner. This way, the only way we can see the work
is through the distance of a photograph – and when (if) people photograph the work with their phones, this will create a tertiary distancing of the audience from the piece – people will only see the image of a print of an image of a painting. Far out!

Artist Statement is the Artist’s statement about his work and this show, including his reservations about making this work and having a show. The text is printed on cheap rug, for us all to step on and walk all over.

Content on Content is a new talk show hosted by Aidan Fitzgerald, about content and content creators. Everything we do is content and we should all sit and chat about it every once in a while. Episodes premiering semi-regularly on the internet, until they stop.

Each of this books was made at the RISOlab artist-in-residency program at SVA,
in June and July 2018.

  • Absolutely Something is a book about its own making, told in reverse. It was drawn on a computer, using algorithms and user interface, and then traced by hand, edited
    on the computer, and printed on the Risograph. The artist allowed the Content-Aware function on Photoshop to make most of the drawings, based on its own

  • Any Day Now is a book of “paintings” done on a computer, with each image used as
    the foundation of the succeeding image.

  • Ten Portraits is a collection of drawings, printed in Six colors, on the Risograph.
    There’s not computer funny business with this one – it’s just a book or
    portraits. Cool!

  • Riding for the Feeling is a comic about the uselessness of images and art making. But in a funny way! There will be an accompanying print.


Aidan Fitzgerald is an interdisciplinary Content Generator living in Seattle. He is the co-founder and creative director of Cold Cube Press, and the Managing Editor of Gramma Press.






Destinations’ Wedding Chapel and Wig Sales is a brand new operating wedding chapel in Seattle.

This shotgun wedding chapel has everything you are looking for to pronounce your love Vegas-style !

Our beautifully decorated chapel boasts:

  • Free wedding and vow renewal ceremonies

  • Convenient Pioneer Square location (at Mount Analogue)

  • Robert Mapplethorpe

  • A grotto, alligator leather, faux fur walls, an altar, mints

  • Friendly, supportive staff

  • An ordained ceremony officiant

  • A rack of used wedding dresses

  • Some silk flowers

  • BYOB or weed

  • Photography options

Voted the Best Gallery Wedding Chapel in the World

Destinations’ Wedding Chapel and Wig Sales is continually voted a best Art Gallery Wedding Chapel and is the ideal setting for your ceremony. Your wedding will be an intimate and romantic day in your life and with support from our pseudo-professional staff, you may remember this day for a long time.

Also, do you have wigs to trade or sell? Need a wig? We do wigs!


Email you preferred date, time, and any special needs you may have to Our officiants are available Thursdays-Sundays until August 30th, 2018 !

~ Keep an eye out for our signs and stickers around town !!! ~

@destinationsweddingchapel  •


Chicago-based DJ Pluto / Artist / Publisher (Good-Bye Press) Ben Marcus is building an installation of kinetic sculptures in Mount Analogue, which are translated from the world of his comics and back again, with a series of special edition prints made in collaboration with Cold Cube Press *especially* for this show. 

ESCAPE DIMENSION opens on July 5th at First Thursday Art Walk, and we'll be hosting the most lit dance party of the summer on July 7th, featuring DJ Pluto and more.

All free, all weird, all 100% A+ ESCAPISM






anastacia 2 final.jpg


Mount Analogue
June 7th - June 30th

Seattle’s Civic Poet Anastacia-Renee culminates her Speak to Me series with an installation at Mount Analogue: POETRY IN A TIME OF CHAOS, featuring poems from past Speak to Me participants and other local poets, a blow-up interactive poem-environment (built by and with Seattle Design Nerds), and original visual work by Anastacia-Renee.

Join us for the opening of this show on June 7th (First Thursday) ~ come prepared to write your own poems, hug inflatable glowing orbs, take pictures, and feel the chaos of this moment ~ and also for the closing on June 30th, where we'll be celebrating the second printings of Anastacia-Renee's (v.) and Sarah Galvin's Ugly Time, both out from Gramma Poetry. 

Anastacia-Renee will also be hosting workshops in the installation as the month continues, and we’ll be announcing those dates and details soon! 

Anastacia-Renee is the current Seattle Civic Poet and former 2015-2017 Poet-in-Residence at Hugo House. She is a hybrid genre writer, workshop facilitator, and multivalent performance artist. She is the author of four books: Forget It (Black Radish Books), (v.) (Gramma Press), Answer(Me) (Argus Press), and 26 (Dancing Girl Press) and her poetry, prose, and fiction have been published widely.

Speak to Me was an intergenerational monthly workshop and reading series showcasing emerging and seasoned poets, and was a central initiative in Anastacia-Renee’s mission as Civic Poet. To learn more about Anastacia's time as Civic Poet and the program as whole, visit the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture:



alone gif.gif




Mount Analogue is proud to be a part of A LONE // presented by Vignettes + Gramma, a city-wide series of public audio and visual installations experienced throughout the city of Seattle during the month of May 2018.

Mount Analogue will serve as a beginning point and landing pad for the city-wide exhibition, and we are excited to host the opening reception for this show in our space on First Thursday, May 3rd !

Throughout the month of May, we’ll be exhibiting the following works courtesy of The Bill and Ruth True Collection, and commissioned specially for ‘a lone’ : 

Sophie Calle
Laura Sullivan Cassidy
Dara Friedman
Emilie Halpern
Shelley Jackson
Leena Joshi
Tommy Pico
Alyson Provax
Kara Tanaka
Catherine Yass

We will also have readings throughout the opening reception, beginning at 7pm, and featuring:

Sarah Galvin
Rachel Kessler
Tommy Pico

This event is BYOB. We will have books for sale (as always) and we welcome donations (as always). 

Throughout the rest of the city, works by the following local and international artists will be exhibited:

Alexandra Bell
Laura Sullivan Cassidy
Yrsa Daley-Ward
Leena Joshi
Tommy Pico
Alyson Provax
Martine Syms

A map and information about each piece and its location, printed by Cold Cube Press, will be provided throughout the month in Mount Analogue’s space.

#alonelycity #aloneseattle

IMAGE: Untitled, Alyson Provax, 2017


jess gif 3.gif


A mime performance and papier-mâché installation

By Jess Joy

Mount Analogue

April 5th - April 28th



Thursday April 5th, 7pm

Thursday April 12th, 7pm


Using non-traditional narrative tools, such as movement and poetry, in a handmade symbolist world that doubles as an installation, the main character of THE SINGING MIME tells us the story of their survival growing up with depression in rural Louisiana.  


Corporeal mime is a type of physical theater that places drama inside the moving human body, rather than substituting gesture for speech (as in pantomime). Besides an original work of corporeal mime, THE SINGING MIME also includes original theremin, guitar, spoken word, and vocal work.


The papier-mâché installation is made from Jess’s highly sentimental childhood / young adult journals, photographs, letters, sketchbooks, and first little pink Precious Moments bible. As a part of the installation, Jess has created a shrine to her teenage dreams and invites the public to add to it throughout the month.


The installation will be up in Mount Analogue from April 4th - April 28th. Jess Joy will be performing THE SINGING MIME twice inside of it:

Thursday, April 4th, 7pm (DURING PIONEER SQUARE ART WALK)

Thursday, April 12th, 7pm


Jess Joy is an LA-based artist and performer. She is the singer of the band Moon Honey. @jessjoy

jess gif 1.gif

melissa one.jpg


Self-portraits and photo-set installations

melissa kagerer

March 1st, 2018 - March 25th, 2018


THE MUSEUM OF THE IRRATIONAL SELF is a series of self-portraits and an installation of photo sets by Melissa Kagerer. 

The photographs in this show are obsessed by the awareness that they can manipulate how they are viewed. By creating controlled environments and constructed characters that represent fears and fantasies, Kagerer is asking: how do we choose what parts of ourselves to display to others? By choosing to not share certain parts, does that make us any less rooted in reality?

Traditionally, museums are masculine, sterile environments. THE MUSEUM OF THE IRRATIONAL SELF is not endowed with the power of reason. Museum-goers are invited to enter into various photo-set installations created by the artist and encouraged to interact with set pieces that have been taken from the photographs' fictional realities.

\A dual-museum guide to both Melissa Kagerer’s THE MUSEUM OF THE IRRATIONAL SELF in Mount Analogue and Brandon Vosika’s MUSÉE D' BRANDON in Party Hat, risograph-printed by Cold Cube Press, will be available at both shows.

rsvp here

Melissa Kagerer is a Photographer living and working in Seattle. / / @melkagerer

melissa three.jpg



Presented by Mount Analogue and Operamuse
Starring Samantha Gorham (Soprano) and Darrell DJ Jordan (Bartone)
Live piano accompaniment by Collin Whitfield
Set and costumes by Mary Anne Carter and Colleen Louise Barry

tickets here

SUSANNA'S SECRET is very naughty. Translated from an Italian intermezzo (first performed in German) of the same name and adapted from the original narrative to be set in present-day Seattle and in present-day English, the opera directly deals with sexuality, intimacy, taboo, and the performative nature of romantic relationships. 

SUSANNA'S SECRET is performed by Samantha Gorham (Soprano) and Darrell DJ Jordan (Baritone). Mount Analogue will be publishing a limited-edition program for the production, which includes an essay by Gorham on her personal experiences as an opera singer who is also a member of the BDSM community (a program is included with each ticket purchase). The set and costumes are designed by Mount Analogue in collaboration with Mary Anne Carter, and the set will be up for the duration of SUSANNA'S SECRET during Mount Analogue's regular small press book shop hours (Thursday-Sunday, 12-6pm) as an interactive installation. 

Tickets are sold on a sliding scale from $15.00 - $50.00; you choose what fits you! Each ticket includes a program and a seat. The only exception is our Valentine's Day performance, which is $30.00 per ticket, and also includes a program and seat, as well as a rose, champagne, and a free whipping from a cast member of their choice.  

tickets here


Doors at 7PM, Shows begin at 8PM

Saturday, January 13th ~ A special FREE preview, presented by members of Operamuse as an introduction to contemporary opera.

Saturday, January 20th: Dress Rehearsal 

Thursday, January 25th

Saturday, January 27th

First Thursday, February 1st ~ A TRASH GALA, featuring singers from OperaMuse performing various songs and characters, with audience participation. Donations encouraged and appreciated! 

Friday, February 2nd

Saturday, February 3rd

Friday, February 9th

Wednesday, February 14th ~ A special VALENTINES DAY performance, with each ticket guaranteeing you a rose, champagne, and a whipping from a cast member of their choice.


Seattle-based lyric baritone Darrell J. Jordan has been praised for his resplendent stage presence (Chicago Classical Review), his shining, beautiful voice (Broadway World), and has been called the star of the show (Columbia Heart Beat). He holds a B.A. in both Psychology and Music and a M.M. in Voice Performance from the University of Missouri. He is currently pursuing his D.M.A. in Voice Performance at the University of Washington under the tutelage of Dr. Kari Ragan. Previous instruction has been from Steven Tharp and Ann Harrell. Before matriculating at the University of Washington, Mr. Jordan was an adjunct professor of music at the University of Missouri, Central Methodist University, and Columbia College, where he taught a full private voice studio, and Stephens College, where he taught an intro voice class, and Italian, German, and French lyric diction. 

In demand as a recitalist and concert soloist, his recent solo concert engagements have been with Amherst Early Music Festival, the Odyssey Chamber Music Series, Rolla Choral Arts Society, Choral Arts Alliance of Missouri, the Missouri Symphony, the Southside Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Toledo Symphony. Opera credits include Winter Opera Saint Louis, St. Louis Opera Collective, Haymarket Opera Company, Gateway Opera, the Institute for 17th Century Music, the Show-Me Opera, Lawrence Opera Theatre, the Puget Sound Concert Opera, and will make his Operamuse debut in early 2018. Additionally, Mr. Jordan is on the Teaching Artist roster for the Seattle Opera. He can be heard as the baritone soloist on the album St. Lawrence Psalter. He is a member and co-founder of the nationally recognized professional vocal chamber ensemble, Vox Nova.

Sammie Gorham is a graduate of Northern Arizona University where she studied with Dr. Robert Allen Saunders and performed many roles, including Nancy in Brittens Albert Herring. She also studied at the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University with Alice Hopper, where she performed in the world premiere of The Tale of Lady Thi Kinh. In Washington, she has performed as Adina in LElisir DAmore and the Mother in Hansel and Gretel at the Pacific Lutheran Universitys Summer Opera Program. Sammie made her professional debut as Giannetta in LElisir DAmore in 2014 at Vashon Opera in Washington. She continues to sing in various places in Washington.

Sammie has participated in all of OperaMuses productions. As a soprano, she sang the roles of the Countess in Figaro, Mimi in Boheme, and currently Susanna in Susanna's Secret. Susanna's Secret happens to also be her directorial debut. 

Collin Whitfield's versatility as a composer, conductor, pianist, organist, and singer has earned him numerous accolades.  His compositions have been described by librettist Nicholas Giardini as "beautiful, rapturous and unabashedly romantic, without any of the failings that so often accompany these qualities."  As an accompanist, he has worked with a multitude of singers, instrumentalists, and ensembles over the last 15 years. Before moving to the Seattle area, he worked in the Bay Area as accompanist for the Berkeley Community Chorus and Orchestra under the direction of Ming Luke; Chora Nova and the California Bach Society, both under the direction of Dr. Paul Flight; and also under the baton of maestro Ragnar Bohlin, multi-Grammy award winning director of the San Francisco Symphony Chorus.  Vance George, the Director Emeritus of the SF Symphony Chorus, said of his accompanying: "in all my years spent with the Verdi Requiem, I've never heard anyone play it better."  Collin received his Bachelor of Music in Composition degree in May of 2016 from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, where he studied with notable composers David Conte and Mason Bates.

tickets here




December 7th, 2017 - January 3rd, 2018

SUPPORT SYSTEM began when Mount Analogue handed a selection of books from our small press book shop inventory to four Seattle-based artists: Amanda Katherine Pitsch, Adda Lee, Colleen RJC Bratton, and Roache, and tasked each with building a work that does the following:

Responds to the books in some way

Structurally-supports and displays the books

Stands alone as an original artwork

Inside of SUPPORT SYSTEM, Mount Analogue will host two intimate and casual Pop Up Shops:

12/9 12-6pm POP-UP I

Need Things ~ vintage clothes

Pilgrim Paper Co ~ paper goods and cards

Emma Rose ~ stick n poke tattoos

DJ T. Wan

+ 7pm ~ A Reading featuring Gabrielle Bates, Montreaux Rotholtz, Jeff Whitney, and Philip Schaefer

12/16 12-6pm POP-UP II

Women.Weed.Wifi. ~ zines, herbals, and apparel

Kim Selling ~ vintage clothes

Epicene jewelry ~ jewelry

DJ Bricks

+ 3:45 ~ Tarot readings by Lily Kay

Additionally, we will be accepting donations of material goods and financial means to help support our neighbors dealing with homelessness. Material donations, such as socks, tampons, undergarments, coats, and personal hygiene items will be given to Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission. Financial contributions will be given to the Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness.









A motelscape by Marina Fini • November 2nd, 2017 - November 30th, 2017


CLEAN ROOMS. LOW RATES. is a site-specific, immersive motel-scape installation by LA-based artist Marina Fini. As an installation, CLEAN ROOMS. LOW RATES. is a part of the month-long cross genre collaborative project by the same name. 

Much like the rest of Fini’s work, CLEAN ROOMS. LOW RATES. focuses on creating an alternative dream-motel that allows viewers to explore, critique, and transcend. This installation questions how, why, and who is invited into which private and which public spaces, and examines the ways that power dynamics manifest because of these invitations, or the lack thereof. By manipulating and owning the aesthetics of modern American motel rooms and the mtyhos surrounding them, Fini makes room for everyone to examine their role in propagating the "American Dream."

CLEAN ROOMS. LOW RATES. is made from plexi-glass, holographic material, textiles, found objects, mirrors and glass, costumes, and video projections to build her otherworldly spaces. It is Mount Analogue's largest-scale installation to-date, and is made possible by a generous donation from the Bill and Ruth True Foundation. 

Fini will be in-residence at Mount Analogue for the month of November 2017.


November 2nd, 5-9pm : OPENING PARTY at First Thursday Art Walk

On November 5th, 7-11pm: Mount Analogue will host a book release party and reading/performance for Clean Rooms. Low Rates. featuring authors Jeff Parker and Brendan Barry. Thick as Thieves will co-host this party in honor of their release for Thick as Thieves Issue #3.

On November 21st, 7-9pm: Mount Analogue will facilitate an all-womxn artist panel discussion on collaboration, aesthetic courage, and building things. This panel includes Neon Saltwater, Marina Fini, MKNZ, and Mary Anne Carter, with moderation by Emily Pothast.

 November 30th, 7-11pm: ARTIST-HOSTED CLOSING PARTY


A painting installation by Forrest Kahlil Perrine • October 5th - October 24th



FLOATERS is a painting installation that tries to engage with the suspended feeling of this present moment. Likening it to supermanning over your skateboard hitting a rock, Perrine's FLOATERS engages with our current dissonance as a doomed, joyful, panicked, complicit, impossible, uncanny human world.

FLOATERS includes new paintings by Forrest Kahlil Perrine, hanging in the air above and around you, as well as found and recontextualized objects, surfaces, and mixed materials.

Join us October 5th from 5-8pm for a First Thursday Art Walk Opening Reception ~ AND THEN ~ (because what describes euphoria + devastation better than public singing?) Mount Analogue is proud to present our first (and only) ever karaoke session:


Karaoke inside of FLOATERS


October 5th, immediately following First Thursday Art Walk

8pm - 10PM

Sign-ups for spots and songs will start at 6pm


Forrest is an artist and curator living in Seattle. He splits his time between painting, making installations, and organizing Outer Space shows. His karaoke song is SILLY LOVE SONGS by Wings. More here: /



Stephanie Passantino & Colleen Louise Barry • September 7th - September 28th


A large-scale installation as well as a collaborative photo-comic, FUMETTI FOR THE MOTHERSHIP is interested in mimicking the contrast and revealing the limitations of defining our world in such terms as TEXT/IMAGE, NATURAL/UNNATURAL, REALITY/HALLUCINATION (and so on).

FUMETTI FOR THE MOTHERSHIP began with a year-long weekly exchange of disposable camera photos and poems between Stephanie Passantino and Colleen Louise Barry as a part of Conversations with Women. These exchanges became a kind of comic about the ways that nature is represented to and by us in daily life, and about the ways it responds in kind.

Within the installation are two contrasting environments: one inside the mothership, and one outside, throughout the rest of Mount Analogue. Both environments are meant to be inhabited and touched, and they feature: smoke, plants (both real and fake), photo prints, suspended textile, soft altars, and neon lights.

The weekly exchanges will be printed as a limited-edition perfect bound & full-color comic book, published by Mount Analogue.


Mary Anne Carter • August 3rd - August 30th


Mary Anne Carter’s installation “Women in the Style of Taco Bell” thrusts the viewer into a pastel-hued fever dream that juxtaposes femininity and corporate identity. Equal parts playful and uncanny, the installation features a kaleidoscopic display of costumes, sculptures, 2D work, and performance art set to the backdrop a shit-ton of gold-dipped pool noodles. In keeping with Carter’s larger body of work, the installation glitter bombs the patriarchy with humor and flamboyance.

Mary Anne Carter is a queer, feminist artist, educator, and community organizer. If you didn’t have the opportunity to gaze at her glitter encrusted chest on the cover of City Arts’ February 2017 issue, you’ve likely spied her award winning screen print “This Bitch Face Does Not Rest” adorning the chest (or handbag) of a passerby.

Carter’s body of work is diverse—in the last year alone, she launched her aforementioned collection of screen printed apparel; performed in City Arts’ Genre Bender; illustrated a weekly column for Jetspace Magazine; and screen printed a series of unique broadsides sold at the NY Art Book Fair.

Outside of the studio, she teaches at Pratt Fine Arts Center; serves as a contributing editor for Gramma Poetry; and curates a popular market series that hosts over 150 artists annually. •






Featuring inflatable artworks by Amanda James Parker, Guy Merrill, Peter Dodds, and Seattle Design Nerds


p.s. this poster gif was featured on Women of Graphic Design !

Mount Analogue and The Factory are excited to present BLOW UP, a group show of inflatable art works featuring Amanda James Parker, Peter Dodds, Seattle Design Nerds, and Guy Merrill. Each artist has created a work that inflates in some way, ranging from a large-scale tunnel installation to a soundscape about nuclear war to a video projection about the sky to a gang of shape-shifting handmade balloons.


The Stranger: 'Inflatable Art is About to 'Blow Up''

Seattle Weekly: 'This Art Is Full of Hot Air at BLOW UP'


All photos curtesy of Trevor Dysktra and the Seattle Design Nerds' SNAPBOX, a part of their SILVER BLOB installation at BLOW UP. To see the full SILVER BLOB SNAPBOX album, visit their site. To see the full event photos, visit Trevor's photo album.



“The door to the invisible must be made visible…” is a phrase taken from René Daumal’s 1952 novel Mount Analogue. This novel records the first-ever use of the word peradam: something which reveals itself only to those who seek it.

As an exhibition, The Door to the Invisible Must Be Made Visible is interested in exploring the subjectivity of experience, mystic visions, time, and the connection between technology and reality.

The Door to the Invisible Must Be Made Visible was the final show in the 2016 Summer Art Series, hosted by Mount Analogue and Megan Harmon Studio and was a part of the Black Box 3.0 Festival and the October Georgetown Art Attack.

With work by: Andrea Coates, Anne Beck, Chris Bolduc, Chris Boyko, Colleen Louise Barry, Eric Carson, Jennifer Covington, Kaia S., Klaus Pinter, Megan Harmon, Ryan Medlin, Taylor Hanigosky, Ted Larson, Shelby Handler & Cat Cunningham, & the Mount Analogue's Twitter Artists-in-Residence



A show comprised of photo & video projections and light installations, formed by a number of different technologies including: anyone’s smart phones, overhead projection, digital projection, and a number of collaborative, hand-made Mystery Machines.

Mount Analogue created an environment in which everything was both a projection and a surface to be projected on, covering the gallery space in various recycled, reflective materials. Participation was the installation itself, with everyone using their smart devices to directly project their photos, videos, and gifs with the Mystery Machines on to myriad textures and colors and movements throughout the show.

With featured video work by: Amanda James Parker, Abe Murley, Joe Milazzo, Mel Carter, Emily Siegenthaler, Megan Harmon, Chris Lott, Lisa Jaech, Nicolas Miller, Coley Mixan, & Mount Analogue Poetry-Commercials

Installation built by: Colleen Louise Barry (Mount Analogue), Megan Harmon, Laura Crisler, David Rivas, Grace Travaglini, Lisa Jaech, Christina Montilla, & Julieta Renteria



An art show and reading event highlighting the amazing cross-genre work of comics and poets and poet-comics. 

With visual art by: Aidan Fitzgerald, Colleen Louise Barry, Gabrielle Bates, Bianca Stone, Ted Powers, and Catherine Bresner

With readings by: Amaranth Borsuk, Willie Fitzgerald, Gabrielle Bates, and Catherine Bresner